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Betting odds explained 8/13/15 meteor shower

Hence I do not know if the solution with four squares left blank would have been accepted as correct, and am too lazy to do it again. M-W tells us it originates from shaving the tails of newly broken mules to distinguish them from experienced ones. Never mind that they are in different countries. They are actually only Some of the iffy fill and a few minor missteps however didn't dampen my enjoyment. The way this violinist plays it will break your heart. Have a nashful Thursday.

As one who is rapidly approaching old batdom, I have to say the phrase doesn't bother me. Today's my first day back with students, so I had to give up before sorting out the northeast. My faux-hold, "Ooh" for SHA was the deathblow. Do hazers sometimes turn newbies over their knees and grab the Atra? And, yes, jae — I never saw that it was "beldam" and not "bedlam.

Closed my eyes and summoned forth an image of that piece and saw the H. Commercials that devote a full 2 minute warning you about all the side effects of an allergy medicine while showing the mother smiling as she pushes her daughter on the swing. I'm with those who liked it, iffy fill notwithstanding. It doesn't pay to overthink a xword puzzle theme. Overthinking spoils what might otherwise be a fun experience.

Of course, a xword blogger is supposed to be analytical, which explains why Rex suffers from chronic [intellectual] indigestion. This puzzle was Friday-hard for me, which means I loved it! Have to agree with Rex. Remainder of puzzle was extremely well executed by JH. Enjoyed the theme esp. Thanks JH. I really enjoyed finding all the break points in the grid. So glad I didn't see it.

It sure is to me. I thought this was a lot of fun Cluing was Thursday level, which I liked, and I had to work hard to finish this, which I always like. I don't mind a few bad small fills if the solving experience is good, and this one was. On the lunch break topic my once and former co-workers see 59a used the phrase long and short.

We also used the term matinee. Matinee shocked me at first in NYC it had a wink wink meaning involving hotel rooms but I found that in the 51a it means an afternoon movie. Off topic: Trying my hand a slow cooking a pork butt on my new Green Egg tomorrow. Every dog in the hood will be in my yard. Thank you Jim. Quotoid: "I was just on the edge of getting married, and I was frenzied at the prospect of this great step in my life after having been a bachelor for so long.

The anthropologist Kristen Hawkes has provided mathematical support for the "grandmother theory" that our ancestors were able to increase their lifespans thanks to grandmothers living long enough to assist In feeding the children. When I lived in Ithaca, something started waking me up every night by fluttering over my bed. At first I thought it was a big moth. Then I suspected it was a small bird. After many sleepless nights I finally saw the perpetrator - a bat. That night I was terrified enough to sleep in the bathroom.

But then I recovered enough to try to trap the bat the next night. That was when I discovered that it had been sleeping in box of files right next to the computer. It must have been sleeping right next to me every. I managed to catch it in a blanket. The poor thing shrieked so much that I really felt bad when I threw it out the door in the middle of a very snowy cold winter. Wow, Rex complaining about a rapper! Is this a first? I can see why, though -- since my own reaction was "3-letter rapper, must be NAS.

I figured out the 'break' part, but thought it would go where you would say it, i. I could go on, but I have an early appointment. Have a good day, everyone! Liked this one a lot. Some of the theme answers are contrived and awkward, but that's not something that I would criticize.

Constructing a very nice puzzle like this one is tough to do, and constructors must be given some slack. At least I think so. For me, breaking up was hard to do sorry. Cute - liked it! I found the rest of the grid nicely challenging, too. The H in HAG was my last letter in. This was a squandered great them idea. I did like having to find the blanks, which basically made this thing mostly a rebus except that "break" was sometimes "broken". After doing this puzzle, I am a M AN. Will promised the puzzles would be better.

Another piratey Thursday - aaargh! That poor prince who just couldn't find a 'real' princess, boo hoo. Thanks for the puzzle, Jim Huger. BAUD S was a pleasant reminder of the old days when we used baud modems, and if we were really on top of the curve, a baud one. Those modem connection noises and beeps when signing into AOL were classic. Fun puzzle.

I figured out the concept early at spring break. MDMA: Nice tantrum, but complaining that a part of the puzzle was too hard for you, especially a section that was creative, novel, and fairly clued, just makes you look like a poor sport. Loved it!

I agree with everything wreck said at I caught the trick at JA IL. I then remembered to look for the name of the constructor, something I never do, but I liked the puzzle and thought he was worth remembering.

I'm pretty sure I've seen his name before, but I don't remember where or how often. And now I know who he is and maybe I'll remember his name all the way to next Tuesday. More than likely, I won't. And I certainly won't remember that he constructed THIS puzzle, anymore than I remember what he's constructed in the past. Of all the things that interest me about this blog, nothing amazes me more than the familiarity solvers here seem to have with various constructors. There are so many constructors.

There are so many puzzles. How can anyone possibly remember? Anyway, a really nice job, Jim, even though I'll probably have to discover you all over again when next you appear. You've given me a whole nother way of looking at that story. Never saw a note, but it didn't matter - assuming it concerned the theme.

Speaking of the theme - I hear where Rex is coming from with his complaints about a couple of the themers, but it didn't bother us as much - we enjoyed this one a lot. I remember sneering at neighboring computer time-sharers with lower BAUD rates. Moly Shu - Glad you appreciated. I was nervous about dealing it straight, sometimes sarcasm gets lost in print.

Odds are you have a mistake somewhere else in the grid. I liked this one. Funny, of all the themes that exist, this is one that I thought would be a good one ever since I started doing puzzles. I'd dreamed it up as a [space] rather than a [break], but I always thought it would be cool to leave a square open without blackening it in. So I thought this one was, you know, genius.

It played difficult for me. I don't know why. Do they cover "sword" in French 1? I doubt it. I took four years of German I have no idea what the German word for "sword" is. I would have preferred the standard "Not agin but But it was a two-cupper day I did not read the note ahead of time IMO it shouldn't have been included anyway.

Funny how the NYT was one of the few that included the helping qualifier "2 wds. The theme here should have been approached the same way. I liked this one, appreciated the task of where the breaks were. Good Thursday. It's been a long time since I've been able to say that a times puzzle is just plain fun, so I'll say it twice. It also took me over seven minutes because it wasn't the kind of puzzle you could fill in without reading the clues, so the little extra time out of my day was appreciated too.

My 'pea' brain insisted on putting the 'break' at the end of the phrases in question. Couldn't make the leap to physically breaking the phrases apart. Thanks, JH and WS. RIP, Uggie the actor dog. You had A great RUN. I liked this one! The theme was visual, always a plus for me, and I can't recall seeing it before. A little learning every morning is a good thing. My only unpleasant moment this morning was reading your bat story, Aketi. Over the years bats have occasionally come down the chimney or gotten in the door.

But I've developed a horror of bats late in life after getting stuck inside a closed patio umbrella with one several summers ago. I had ducked inside the folds so I could open it and the bat sleeping inside and I went bonkers together. There was a good deal of multi-species screaming and thrashing about.

My doctor insisted I begin the rabies treatment at the local hospital and I didn't enjoy it. With that much contact I'm surprised you avoided it. Today, I can't even think about bats without a little shiver up my spine. I'm hot and cold on the fence over this here Note business. Kinda cute how they advised Across-Lite solvers to put a "B" for "Blank" in, wherever a square should be left blank.

Then that "B" ends up standin for "Break", when the smoke clears. Did get a cool pic of some dude eatin somethin at his desk. Need a whole puztheme with burps! I'm fer it. I can dig it. Like many, I enjoyed the theme. ORVIS is a well-known store, full of recreational stuff like fishing poles and vests. I ultimately DNF because the Northeast happened. I never met a rebus I didn't like.

But, as Rex points out, it could have been a lot better. The Closer was engrossed so I couldn't call her in until after ten. It still took me until eleven to finish. The Internet says that it means iron. That alone makes it worthwhile. Alias Z: Nice post! It just started yesterday.

Instead of my iPad displaying a blank screen before I slide it open, Apple has provided a full-screen ad. I have to agree with Rex's gripes, but I thought it was an nice theme. I noticed the note very late in the game, and that made it easier; before that I had tried to put something in that extra box. Only a q short of a pangram, I think. One of my favorite people, who lived to a very advanced age, was a social activist all her life and was delighted when the women's movement came to the fore.

I thought the puzzle was delightful. It did help that the printed version warns the solver of the four black squares, though the reason for the blanks is something you have to find out for yourself. The rest was pretty easy to figure out.

It was and probably still is Army slang for a Second Louie, fresh out of OCS or West Point, with a fresh haircut and that neatly shaved neck you get only at a barbershop. I just figured the back of a man's hair is its TAIL, and kind of doubt the term derived from donkey training.

A minute meal break is illegal, you know: the law requires at least a half hour. Once I figured that out, the only other real problem was wanting ooh instead of SHA. Another "literal" theme. I, for one, am glad the note was there otherwise this would have taken me mucho time. Thou Dost made a fun Thursday puzzle Jim Hilger. It's a beautifully unique building and filled with quality items for the sportsman and those of us more sofa inclined.

The ArtScroll Chinuch Series has large, clear type — just the kind that youngsters need as they are starting to master their reading, tefillah, and learning. Designed in consultation with scores of principals and primary-grade teachers, these sefarim are unsurpassed in beauty, sturdiness, and design — and have the reinforced binding that will stand up to years of use.

During the six months since the daily morning Kollel opened its doors at Congregation. The Rosh Kollel is a dynamic young talmid chacham, Rabbi Nech-. Machzikei Torah, many Baltimore men have joined the Kollel, welcoming the opportunity to use free time in. The learning program schedule begins with a half-hour shiur on Mishnah Berura given by Rabbi Goldstein from Monday through Wednesday. The shiur centers on Hilchos Brachos, interrupted when appropriate by topics such as Hilchos Yom Tov in the relevant seasons.

Currently, some members are learning Megillah, while others are learning Berachos. At 11 a. The members of the Kollel come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and there is much wide-ranging and lively give-andtake between the participants. Supplementing the regular daily limudim, distinguished Rabbonim and other leading community figures periodically deliver Divrei Torah to the. The Kollel provides an opportunity to men of all ages who have time available in the morning which they would like to engage in the most valuable endeavor -- advancing their Torah knowledge in a structured way.

It is open for men who are retired, between jobs or who have flexible schedules. It is not necessary to attend every day, or to spend the full two hours at the Kollel. All shiurim are delivered on a level commensurate with the background of all the participants.

And the Kollel beis medrash is available to anyone who wants to sit and learn or listen to a shiur in a beis medrash environment, whether on a regular or occasional basis. All men of the community are invited to discover how much they can gain from Kollel Nachlas HaTorah. They can expect to enjoy a warm, friendly and enlightening experience.

For more information, please contact Rabbi Nechemiah Goldstein at or Rabbi Yitzchok Neger at They wanted the Torah to have great meaning to them personally and to express the bonds of family and heritage. Torah at home. The new Torah was greeted on arrival by all of its new. In celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary, Peter and Rosemary Warschawski presented the Torah to the Shul. As their golden anniversary approached, the Warschawskis thought a lot about how to mark this milestone in an appropriate and thrilling way.

A special trip, a cruise perhaps? No, they travel so much for their work already. A family event? Yes, of course, but there was too much excitement and joy for one family to absorb. Then the idea flashed: to acquire a family Torah and place it in the care of Shomrei, their beloved Shul. To this end, Dr. Warschawski was able to purchase a Torah in need of restoration from the Shul in Basel, Switzerland where he grew up, celebrated his bar mitzvah, and where the couple was married exactly 50 years ago.

Returning from one of his speaking trips to Switzerland, Dr. Warschawski brought the Torah to Baltimore and had it mounted here on the Etzim that he brought from Basel as well. On Sunday morning the Warschawski family gathered around the. At 10 am Rabbi Binyamin Marwick, Rav of Shomrei Emunah, carried the Torah out of the house where a crowd had been assembling on the lawn.

The Torah was marched forward under the family chuppah that Rachel Warschawski made for her wedding to David, and under which all the Warschawski children had been married through the years. With Nossi Gross and his Zemer Orchestra leading the way, the Torah wound through the streets of Meadowood as people joined.

The music and dancing continued inside the shul as all the Torahs were carried round and round the central Bimah. One by one the Torahs returned to the Aron Kodesh, and the program began. He then announced that his brother, Chazan Benjamin Warschawski would sing Mi Adir to their parents in the traditional melody of Basel just as it had been sung under their chuppah As the final speakers, the couple spoke of their gratitude for reaching this milestone.

At the reception that followed, the congregation mingled in the social hall, reliving the event and enjoying the refreshments. As the Basel sefer Torah was returned to the Aron, Chazan Warschawski - accompanied by the especially assembled choir under the leadership of choir director David Zajic - sang all the Basel melodies of the traditional yekkische ceremony.

David Warschawski then an-. Pick up: o Sunday, Sept. Paper goods and serving utensils can be provided at an additional cost. Can be double wrapped and sealed for an additional charge. There was a multitude of children and. I realize how lucky I am to be able to give back to my community, and look forward to continuing to serve the interests of my neighbors, advocating for the needs of everyone. On behalf of the community I cannot thank them enough for participating here this evening.

Once again, without the hard work of my Vice President Yitzy Schleifer and Treasurer Alan Goldfeder this immensely successful event would not have come to fruition. There are no words that can truly convey the appreciation and respect we have for the work they do. Among the. When asked what a night like this meant to him, Mr.

My goal has always been to bring the community together and to demonstrate unity. Tonight I look at all the smiling faces interacting with law enforcement and elected officials, and I am struck with an overwhelm-. Nothing brings that message home stronger than to see the caliber of attendees at this event.

Congressman John Sarbanes to the new Baltimore City Acting Police Commissioner Kevin Davis, almost every branch of government and rank of law enforcement are represented here tonight. All the local volunteer organizations that interact with law enforcement are represented. This type of event could only be possible as a result of the leadership that both Nate Willner and Yitzy Schleifer have undertaken as part of the CNA.

In addition to all the elected officials and Judges that came out tonight, I was particularly happy to see the new NWD Captain Yerg and our good. It is so encouraging to live in a community that is part of the solution. When I look around I understand why so many people deeply love Baltimore and our communities. CTC offers all exams needed to fulfill the college requirements for graduation.

CTC creates an exam schedule for students, to ensure a timely completion of the program. CTC welcomes high school students who are ready to begin their college education. Open Evening and Sundays for testing. He learned well — for the first couple of hours, that is. He needed a program that would enable him to learn, and he needed a program that would enable him to enter the workforce as an honest, reliable employee. He needed Yeshivas Toras HaLev. Yeshivas Toras HaLev is a post-high school, Maalot-based bais midrash environment for yeshiva students who want to continue their Torah learning while earning college credits in preparation for a career.

Toras HaLev creates a program of limudei kodesh and secular classes tailored to the needs and capabilities of each individual student, including oneon-one learning and part-day programs, in a welcoming, Torah-oriented atmosphere. Faculty plays a large role in creating the warmth and cohesiveness of the yeshiva.

Rabbi Boruch Leff, Menahel, focuses the morning bais midrash sed-. If someone has a question on any subject, he feels comfortable asking it. He is always looking to build a person up and always seems to have solid answers. Rabbi Zigdon also assists the talmidim in networking for part-time work or online college courses in the afternoon, when classes are not in session. Rabbi Yisrael Gelber, Rebbe, is. His passionate and caring approach encourages his talmidim to connect with him in personal matters as well.

In the evenings, talmidim regroup for regular night seder sessions and Maariv. Secular college courses in the yeshiva are offered at night as well. Each student meets with Mrs. Ring and receives an individualized plan of college courses.

Ring works closely with the students throughout the semester to guide, advise, and problem-solve. Students who attend the full program at the yeshiva and fulfill some additional credit requirements can earn a regionally-accredited college degree in just over two years. Of course, the college credit program is not a requirement, and all students are welcome to join the amazing bais midrash program for learning, even if they are unable to stay for the entire morning.

There is never an all-or-noth-. Each student is treated as an individual and is encouraged to grow at his own pace. However, many students will likely decide that they wish to earn college credit for their Torah studies. Toras HaLev is a family. Friendships are forged to last a lifetime. Non-judgmental, warm, caring, and accepting, our rebbeim frequently welcome our talmidim into their homes and hearts for Shabbos meals and other events.

Judaism with heart — that is Toras HaLev. Registration is now open for the upcoming Elul Zman, September To register, contact Rabbi Boruch Leff, Menahel, at or sbleff gmail. Every week, Yitzchok Saftlas, the host of Mind Your Business, blends his characteristic zest and enthusiasm, alongside his 25 years of proven experience in marketing, branding and advertising, bringing listeners valuable tips and sage advice that will help you and your business grow. Recognized as an expert in achieving results for businesses, nonprofits and elected officials, Saftlas is president and founder of the Bottom Line Marketing Group in Brooklyn, New York.

The following show featured savvy advice from leading political and. His biweekly columns in Newsday have become a must-read for people looking for common-sense political commentary. Proud is a veteran public affairs and crisis communications professional. She has trained top corporate, government, and political officials in traditional and new media strategies. This past Sunday, the Mind Your Business program featured award-winning author and internationally recognized leader in the field of human behavior and interpersonal relationships, Dr.

David J. In his daily work, Saftlas leads a team of marketing and creative experts. Each and every Sunday night, Saftlas will communicate his personal insights, as well as treat his listeners to a series of high-caliber and knowledgeable guests who will inspire you with new ideas and give guidance to get your week off to a fast start. Podcasts of past shows are available on www. It has been ten very medically challenging months since our precious daughter was born after years of waiting and a very complicated pregnancy.

She continues to defy medical odds. When our Rav instructed us to make a seudas hodaah with a minyan, the obvious choice was Kollel Chatzos, as they have been learning and davening for Ahuva Bracha for more than a year. The seudah took place in the Monsey kollel at 1 am with the entire Kollel and numerous guests in attendance. Immediately thereafter the talmidei chachomim continued their nightly learning.

It was such a beautiful and meaningful way to give thanks to Hashem! It gives us tremendous strength and hope knowing that the kollel members have her in mind every night. During the darkest hours, when the rest of the world sleeps, they immerse themselves in vibrant Torah learning, bringing zechusim and yeshuos to klal yisroel. Over 30 invited guests gathered at the home of David and Mal-.

From education to safety the audience asked some hard hitting questions. The recent violent unrest in the City was front and center in the dialogue between the attendees and the Mayor. He explained that while we are one community with one heart that does not mean that there is always one opinion. It is no secret that my wife and I have been close friends and supporters of the Mayor and understand how dedicated and passionate she is about her love for Baltimore.

I was completely impressed with the candor in which the Mayor answered some of the difficult questions. Constant communication with our elected officials is key to developing positive relationships. Dialogues where community concerns are heard and expectations can be outlined, make all the difference in obtaining the needed services for our community. I especially want to thank my wife, Rochelle, for all the advice and time she spent taking care of the logistics which ensured that this event was a huge success.

I pointed out that many of these crimes could be resolved and the suspects caught, if the Baltimore Police Department had more members of the Crime Lab. I am aware of the great work the Crime Lab does, but with a limited staff they can only do so much. Using incoming resources I believe focusing on the Crime Lab can make a huge difference for our community.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, when reflecting on the meeting re-. I really enjoyed the open conversation I was able to have with this group of dedicated community leaders and Rabbis. The spirit of volunteerism and passion that I see and experience within our Jewish community is something that I am trying to replicate throughout all of our neighborhoods.

Several of the excellent suggestions that were made during our dialogue are being followed up on immediately. I want to personally thank my good friends, Nathan and Rochelle Willner, for all of the work they do for our City and for organizing this event. I look forward to scheduling future dialogues to continue the conversations we began on Sunday.

It is only by utilizing these close community partnerships that we will be successful in moving Baltimore forward and letting the true spirit of our City shine through. Elimelech Goldstein, Director of Hatzalah was present at the meeting and brought one of their state of the art, advanced life saving ambulances with him. The Mayor was given a tour of the ambulance and was very impressed with the unprecedented level of volunteerism our community demonstrates.

All of the participants agreed that this was a fantastic opportunity to get to know the Mayor on a more personal level and that she really made clear her sincere and deep concern for our community. I am certain that next year the program will be even larger. Good news travels fast and the news of the remarkable success of the Dirshu program has inspired camps and learning directors everywhere.

Even on Shabbos when there is no official seder I have full participation in the shiur as no one wants to miss anything. Recently the camp. The maggidei shiur are all well-known mechanchim with years of experience who bring the sugyos learned, to life. Dirshu also provides incentives for the bachurim thereby making the learning even sweeter.

The response has been overwhelming. Not only is it unnecessary for the Rabbeim to motivate the bachurim to learn, the bachurim are practically begging to start the shiur! We have bachurim learning hilchos tefillin every day. We even have waiters, lifeguards and other staff members coming by at night to participate in the program!

Our maggid shiur, Rabbi Avi Indich, is a distinguished talmid chacham who spends hours preparing the shiur each day. You can see the direct, successful fruits of his labor when watching how the bachurim literally. The program, the material and incentives provided were designed in conjunction with the spiritual leadership of each camp so that the bachurim would derive maximum benefit from participating in such a groundbreaking initiative.

Last year, when we launched the program we had four participating camps. This year, there has been an explosive increase in both the number of camps that have adopted the program as well as the number of bachurim participating. Camp Rayim, 45 and Camp Rayim Mesivta has 65 particpants. All in all, there are some 1, bachurim participating in the program, gaining a comprehensive knowledge of hilchos tefillin.

Rabbi Aharon Tashman of Camp Degel HaTorah cannot stop talking about the profound impact that the Dirshu program has had on the bachurim involved and by extension on the whole camp. After the shiur the bachurim spend some 45 minutes talking in learning and arguing over the fine points of the halachos. Seeing these bachurim are so involved, so animated and excited to give up their own time just to gain more clarity in the halachos is a testament to both the wonderful love of learning displayed by the bachurim and the attention to detail that the hanhalah of Dirshu has invested in the program!

Nothing is overlooked. The material is a potpourri of areas of halacha that appeal to virtually every participant. There are, of course, the halachos set forth in the Mishnah Berurah. This enables very bright talmidim to achieve their potential while others can suffice with the Mishnah Berurah itself and still retain a comprehensive knowledge of the halachos.

In this program, even the weakest talmidim have so many questions because everyone puts on tefillin and learning the halachos awakens them to the importance of doing the mitzvah in the most lechatchilah fashion. Perhaps the greatest testament to the effectiveness of the program and the longterm love of limud halacha with accountability that it facilitated can be gleaned from the comments of two of the maggidei shiur.

In fact almost every boy that participates is taking weekly chazrah sheets and the comprehensive test at the end of the month. This year, the program is even bigger and better than the one held last year. It was a. The boys in Camp Toras Chaim Tashbar had just come home from a remarkably exciting trip.

With just over an hour until they could daven vasikin, it made no sense to go to sleep. What should a large group of exhausted young bachurim do at such an unearthly hour? Anyone entering the beis. Beyond the food, what obligations does a Kashrus agency have in a facility, e.

What is the criterion for Kashrus agencies to decide whether or not to certify an establishment that has just lost its certification? Both seminars received rave reviews from the participants. I know a lot more going out than coming in!

Yoel Erblich, a psychologist from Elizabeth, New Jersey, attended the program because he is interested. I felt like every time one of the Rabbanim spoke, I wanted another hour of their time to hear even more, because there was just so much and it was so amazing. I hope to use all the things I have learned as background knowledge in kashrus for my own life and for the necessary training for a kashrus position. My impression of STAR-K is that it is a very organized and transparent organization; the warmth and openness that they show is appreciated by all.

I came here to get a better understanding of the hardships of different areas of kosher which give me a better idea of food service. To this day, weekly, I receive a call or an email from one or more of the past participants asking for assistance.

I really appreciate the opportunity. Kashrus is an ever evolving field, which is naturally a reflection of the food industry. No one can become an expert in three days, or even three years! The idea is to give Mashgichim a set of tools that can be applied in a variety of settings. Our goal is to enhance the level of kashrus in KlalYisroel and to whatever end we succeed is a tremendous source of nachas and pride for all of us at STAR-K.

It keeps us on our toes as well, so we all end up benefiting from the programs. Not knowing how to read Hebrew. The composition, March and Fugue, was actually written for his great-grand-. Having the bar mitzvah at Levindale not only made it possible for the matriarch of our family to attend, but it acted as an homage to her indomitable spirit.

They called Rabbi Orkin to start the process of making it happen. It was important to Ezra and his family that his great-grand-. The young accomplished virtuoso and composer had already studied German, Latin, and Chinese, prior to entering his first year of violin study at the Colburn Music Academy in Los Angeles, last fall. Not only did he learn Hebrew and trup the words of the Torah that are read with their accompanying musical cantillation notes well enough in three months to recite the Hebrew blessing over the Torah, he chanted part of his Torah portion, Eikav, straight from the Torah scroll--no easy feat for even those who have studied Hebrew their entire life.

As Ezra said in his speech, his big day was even more meaningful because he was called up to the Torah wearing the tallis that his deceased maternal great-grandfather and namesake, Grandpa Walter Weikers, wore. I ran into hard times trying to write my thoughts down on paper.

But sometimes, when I took a break from writing, I would look out at the sky, at the land, at nature, and I would suddenly be reminded of how awe-inspiring the world is. I could see the love that G-d lavished on the world, giving us all of the things we need in our life.

He has linked many generations. Boruch Hashem for all of these blessings. Russian officials this week steamrolled hundreds of tons of cheese, fruit and vegetables. President Vladimir. Putin recently signed a decree ordering the trashing of all imported food — from gourmet cheeses to fruit and vegetables — that breaches a year-old embargo on Western imports imposed in retaliation to sanctions over the Ukraine crisis.

Russian television showed officials dumping truckloads of round bright orange cheeses on a patch of wasteland and then driving over them with a steamroller in the Belgorod region bordering Ukraine. The cheeses arrived from Ukraine in unmarked boxes, but were most likely produced in the European Union, a reporter at the scene said.

A spokeswoman for the food safety agency said that the flattened cheese, amounting to almost nine tons, would be buried. In News sanctions on Russian legal entities or individuals By the end of the day, a total of tons of food were destroyed, including some meats from Italy which were burned in a garbage incinerator.

Last year, Moscow banned a slew of food products from the West, ranging from delicacies such as Parmesan cheese, pate and Spanish hams to staples such as apples. Food brought in for private consumption is still permitted. The new law is meant to encourage people to seek preventive medicine instead of constantly getting sick, according to the mayor. One measure of the new legislation requires all residents to have an annual physical to ensure their health at a new medical center that was built just one month ago for this purpose.

Failure to comply with the annual checkup will result in a ten euro tax. Despite the small fine, over people—or around 20 percent of the population—have rushed to make appointments at the medical center. Long live the residents of Sellia. The small town is home to approximately people and the mayor is hoping that the ban will keep its population stagnant while encouraging healthier living. Failure to comply with the law will result in higher taxes, he warned.

The aircraft was last seen and heard from on March 8, and investigators are still stumped as to what may have transpired on the mysterious flight in which were killed. On Monday, the transport minister of Malaysia revealed that they will send a team to the Maldives to determine whether debris reportedly found there is further wreckage from flight MH The town was one of the first to institute free WiFi for everyone, and in the village won a prize for recycling 73 percent of all trash it produced.

Despite the free WiFi, the population of Sellia has dwindled to just people, most of whom are widows over age The Maldives has joined a regional search for wreckage from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight following reports that islanders in the Indian Ocean nation had spotted unidentified debris, police there said on Sunday.

Apparently, police received reports of sightings of several items washing up along the northern atolls of the archipelago. Last week, Malaysia claimed an airplane wing part washed ashore on the French island of Reunion and said it belonged to the Malaysian aircraft. That would mark the first confirmed evidence that the jet, which was carrying passengers and crew, met a tragic end in the Indian Ocean in March Malaysian authorities alerted nearby Madagascar and the South African coast to be on the lookout, saying it was possible debris would wash up in those locations.

For the first time in 11 years, South Korea restarted propaganda broadcasts across the border with rival North Korea this week. The move came in retaliation for the North planting land mines last week that maimed two South Korean soldiers. South Korean officials said they may take additional punitive measures depending on how North Korea reacts. It was unclear how long the broadcasts will continue. The U. Command conducted an investigation that laid blame at North Korea for the mines.

It condemned what it called violations of the armistice that ended fighting in the war, which still technically continues because the participants have never signed a peace treaty. The soldiers were on a routine patrol near a wire fence in the southern side of the border when the explosions.

One of the soldiers lost both legs, while the other lost one leg. The practice had included loudspeaker and radio broadcasts, billboards, and leaflets. In , South Korea restarted radio broadcasts and restored 11 loudspeakers as part of punitive measures taken after a warship sinking blamed on North Korea that killed 46 South Korean sailors earlier that year.

More than a million mines are believed to be buried inside the DMZ, and North Korean mines have occasionally washed down a river into the South, killing or injuring civilians. But North Korean soldiers crossing the border and planting mines is highly unusual. Things are expected to get worse next week when Seoul and Washington launch annual summertime military drills, which the allies say are routine but North Korea calls an invasion rehearsal.

But four years later, more than 1, Labor activists, including some survivors, are going back. Just before that, he had killed eight people with a bomb that exploded near the government headquarters in Oslo, some 25 miles away. Breivik is serving a year prison sentence, which can be extended indefinitely as long as he is considered a danger to society. Some think it is too early, even disrespectful, to organize a new summer camp on Utoya, a tiny heart-shaped island in the middle of a lake where Breivik opened fire on some ter-.

This past Monday was a day of heavy violence in Turkey. Two female assailants opened fire at the U. Consulate in Istanbul and at least six Turkish security forces were killed elsewhere. The violence comes following a government crackdown that has targeted Islamic State militants, Kurdish rebels, and far-left extremists. Turkey has seen a sharp spike in.

Hundreds of suspected militants have also been rounded up at home. No one was hurt in the attack on the U. Consulate, which came just weeks after Turkey agreed to take a more active role in the U. A far-left group that carried out a suicide bombing on the U.

Both assailants fled, and one was later shot and taken into custody. The other assailant was still at large. Russia is not only ramping up its military with more advanced weapons. President Vladimir V. Crimea last March. In aviadarts, fighter jets and military helicopters compete to perform the most accurate aerial bombardment.

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Ravenswood Ave. The scroll was donated to the IDF at the time by the family of fallen soldier Baruch Shapira, who was. Private businesses have also sought to cash in on patriotism. Dmitry Rogozin, the hawkish deputy prime minister in charge of the defense industry, captured the zeitgeist when he dismissed Western concerns about Russia. Despite the celebration during its recent events, there have been some mishaps.

A pilot was killed when a Mi helicopter crashed last Sunday during the aviadarts competition. And a Kuwaiti crew flipped their tank while attempting to skid around a turn during the tank biathlon. When Goren retired from his position as chief IDF rabbi, he took the scroll with him.

This month marked a new record for Israeli tourists. The strong shekel and weak dollar and euro means that Israelis can get a good vacation deal in the U. According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, , Israelis left the country to travel abroad — According to projections, the July record is likely to be broken in August, with as many as , Israelis expected to holiday abroad.

The vast majority of those travelers exited the country via Ben-Gurion Airport, but more were going to Sinai as well. The total number of Israelis. These numbers are all despite the ongoing attacks against tourists in Sinai by radical Islamist groups. Not only is July a record month for Israelis traveling abroad, has been a record year altogether so far. Since the beginning of the year, 3.

Three members of Team Israel walked away with bronze medals during the event. Now in its 47th year, the IChO is the granddaddy of international academic challenges for high school students, combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills. IchO is a much more difficult contest than other Olympiads like math, say organizers, because of its practical components. The students also worked closely with other Techion faculty to prepare for the event.

During these contests, students garner a great deal of knowledge and experience that will serve them well later in life, equipping them for key positions in academia and industry. Adel Shehadeh Shaer, a resident of Rafah and Hamas fighter. The information was cleared for the public this week on Tuesday. During the interrogation, the Shin Bet was able to confirm that a road recently built by Hamas along the border fence was intended for a surprise attack on Israel involving vehicles that would cross the border.

In particular, Shaer was able to supply the specific locations, paths, and digging sites of tunnels in the Rafah area leading in the direction of the Kerem Shalom border crossing. As a Hamas operative, Shaer was personally involved in a wide variety of training including combat, command, use of advanced weapons and explosives. During Operation Protective Edge, Shaer was active in a logistics and support company that helped transport military equipment and explosives to fighters in the field.

He was also directly involved in combat zones including planting anti-tank mines and observation duties. Shaer said that Iran was sending money, advanced weapons and electronic equipment to the Gaza Strip including devices to disrupt radio frequencies meant to help down Israeli UAVs above the Gaza Strip. He also claimed that Iran had trained Hamas operatives in paragliding with the goal. Centrally located, upscale new Townhome community on Fords Lane.

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Huge kitchen, finished clubroom. New kitchen with stainless appliances, granite counters and center island. Lower level has large rec room, laundry area and powder room. Hardwood floors on main level. Finished walk-out lower level with lrg. Gleaming hardwood floors throughout main level. Spacious renovated kitchen with granite counters. Two entry level bedrooms. Great deck off kitchen overlooking backyard.

Custom elegance in full service building. Banquet size dining room. Huge granite kitchen with updated appliances. Builtins throughout. Quiet energy efficient windows. Exceptional value! Separate dining room. Two additional bedrooms. Updated hall bath. Finished lower level has a large family room with fireplace, full bath and laundry area. Upper level master bedroom suite with balcony and study. The Week of infiltrating Israel. Shaer explained that Hamas has the ability to film at a distance of approximately three kilometers into Israeli territory.

He also detailed changes in strategy and unit formations since Operation Protective Edge. Shaer told interrogators that Hamas used materials allowed into the Strip for reconstruction to make weapons. In addition, despite danger to civilians, the organization regularly stores explosives in residential structures due to the fear that Israel would attack separate storage facilities for weapons.

Gaza Strip by the Israeli army. Not all French politicians were in opposition to the event celebrating Tel Aviv. In News make their lives miserable. These piles of refuse are located upwind of Israeli towns, which get the full brunt of the odors carried in their direction by westerly winds. The IDF is treating the presence of the dump as a legitimate security threat, concerned that terrorists may hide in the piles of rubbish and spy on Israeli troop movements along the border fence road.

Tons of Gaza waste are added to the dump on a daily basis. The trash often sits out in the open for days at a time and is turned into landfill only once every few days. Israeli health officials fear that Gaza-sourced vermin, which can easily slip through the fence, will thrive under the fetid conditions created by Gaza authorities during the hot weather. Arab residents of the Gaza Strip have a classy new move to get Israelis to leave.

Residents of the Gaza belt area — the Israeli towns near the Gaza border fence — are complaining of a new tactic Gazan Arabs are using to. As election season is heating up and politicians are vying for voters and the spotlight, a key issue rocking the media has been the issue of immigration.

According to a new Gallup poll published on Monday, only 25 percent of the country prefers an increase in immigration rates—more than double the 12 percent who preferred it in a study. Different groups responded differently to the study. Hispanics generally preferred increased immigration, 36 percent; half reported as being immigrants themselves. Non-Hispanic white citizens were found to have the lowest reported support with only 21 percent agreeing with that position.

African-American voters fell between the two, with 30 percent in favor of higher immigration rates. Part of the ceremony was conducted in Spanish. She became a naturalized U. About 20 minutes later, troopers cleared the roadway, walking with protesters toward the shoulder and arresting some of them in a nearby parking lot.

On Sunday night during a march, gunfire broke out, scaring everyone involved. The gunman, year-old Tyrone Harris of St. Louis, is hospitalized in critical condition and in police custody. The St. This incident quickly turned the protests more violent and tense. Several objects were thrown at police and some businesses were damaged.

A journalist was attacked and robbed in a parking lot. Three St. Louis County. Police with helmets and shields pushed crowds back and called in tactical units. Louis County declared a state of emergency. Protests in honor of Brown quickly turned violent, forcing police to make arrests and attempt to control the crowds.

Louis County Executive Steve Stenger announced. The executive order puts St. Demonstrators were still demanding change, as they were 12 months ago. Republican presidential candidates who took to the stage included New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. John Kasich, Sen. Rand Paul R-KY. And we must reach out to people in the shadows. America is a miracle country, and we have to restore the sense that the miracle will apply to you.

He said he wants lower tax rates, fewer regulations, unleashed energy, school choice, and Obamacare repeal. And he asserted at least twice that effective immigration reform is an economic-growth driver. Marco Rubio also argued for Obamacare repeal and school choice, and mentioned limited regulatory budgeting and overturning DoddFrank.

Interestingly, he was specific on taxes. He argued for a percent. Governor Chris Christie also wanted to lower tax rates, but his Social Security plan would reduce benefits to older Americans. Trump seemed to dominate the debate with his rash and bold comments. Rand Paul came in swinging, picking apart Trump and Christie for comments they made. Following the debates, Trump was still in the lead despite the controversy surrounding his campaign and recent comments. Trump had 23 percent of the vote, the highest of all presidential hopefuls.

Ted Cruz was next on the list with 13 percent. The Best Companies to Work for in the U. Looking for a job? Most of the companies were found in certain industries. For example, technology companies are well represented among the highest-rated employers, as are consulting firms.

Of the 54 best companies, only nine received an average rating of 4. Several consulting firms also made the list. Although higher salaries, may account for higher satisfaction amongst employees, that was not always the case. Looking for new employment? Consider these companies, the best companies to work for in the United States: 1. Facebook 2. Linkedin 3. Insight Global 4. Google 5. Expedia 7. Adobe Systems 8. Apple 9. Nike Last week, contractors of the Environmental Protection Agency accidentally breached a dam at the Gold King Mine in Colorado and sent toxic sludge flowing into the Animas River.

The contaminated water, which contains lead, arsenic and other heavy metals has spread to New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. EPA officials have been forced to concede that more than 3 million gallons of contaminants were released into the river—way more than the initial estimate of 1 million gallons. She was quick to reassure locals that the polluted water is being contained and treated near the site of the spill. According to preliminary testing data the EPA released on Sunday, arsenic levels in the Durango area of the Animas River were, at their peak, times the normal level, and lead was 3, times the normal level.

Officials said those levels have dropped significantly since the plume moved through the area. The Navajo Nation Commission on Emergency Management also issued a state of emergency declaration in response to the spill. Residents of affected areas were being encouraged to draw water from private wells. Access to the Animas River is still closed throughout the county, people and their pets are warned to avoid contact with the river, fishing in the river is also not recommended.

In response, the city encouraged new applicants. Last Monday, two new city commissions were appointed, both who are in the U. Ironically, these two individuals do not have the right vote or seek elected office. In accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act,. However, city leaders have argued that their selected commissions are legally permitted because they both agreed to serve as volunteers without pay. Despite the loophole, some do not approve of the selection.

Some have been critical of the EPA—first in delaying their announcement of the spill and then in their efforts to clean it up. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill also want answers from the agency, which has admitted full responsibility for the incident and has begun a mammoth cleanup effort. A spill of this magnitude could be devastating for the fam-. The college student came to the U.

Well, have I got a cruise for you. Recently, Regent Seven Seas announced a round-the-world getaway in that will offer vacationers a glimpse into six out of seven continents in high style. What can the royal cruisers expect at such a price? For that price, we better make sure to visit Antarctica. Attention husbands. John Rumpel is ecstatic that he was chosen for the task.

While picking up a gallon of milk for his wife, the Wisconsin man bought a lottery ticket. And that ticket turned out to be golden. Rumpel took his time bringing home the dough, er milk. He only realized his win until after he sat down to watch television. Now they can have their milk delivered. The year-old from the U. She took the test at the same time as father a few weeks ago and received her results on Thursday—an astounding He said that he had a feeling that Nicole would be admitted to Mensa—despite its low acceptance rate: only those who score in the top 2 percent are accepted.

Barr says he decided to sign his. She likes challenging herself. Looks can be deceiving. In fact, the groom told an Algerian court that his wife looked so different that he thought she was an intruder. It was almost two days and Sven Hagemeier enjoyed every hour—all 46 of them—of his birthday. He then flew to Brisbane, Australia, and then to Honolulu. Because he crossed the International Date Line, Hagemeier had plenty of time to celebrate the day of the birth.

Her birthday lasted a mere 35 hours, 25 minutes when she flew from Karachi to Singapore to San Francisco. Despite the jubilation of creating a new world record, the birthday boy probably spent his special day chowing down on airline food, being crammed in a seat next to smelly passengers, and racing though airline terminals. Thankfully, at the end of the road he was greeted by someone with whom he could celebrate: his wife met him in Honolulu.

What will he be looking forward to for his 27th birthday? Perhaps a celebration at home with family and friends, he says. That sounds like a good plane—I mean, plan. Simon Espinal lives in the village of Pile the hills outside of Montecristi in Ecuador. He is a maker of hats— but not just any hats. But it was always back in the small, lowland villages of coastal Ecuador that they were made.

Espinal, we take our hat off to you! The process to make a traditional Panama hat is intricate and laborious. The iconic brimmed straw hats are created from fine strips of toquilla straw, harvested from palm trees that grow along the Ecuadorian coast. A single hat can take up to six months to complete, and the best ones are formed from around 3, weaves per square inch. Espinal has taken millinery to a new level.

This hat was formed from an unheard-of 4, weaves per square inch. The strain on his eyes and mind from working so painstakingly for eight months was so great that he has vowed to never attempt such a hat again. The result appears to be the finest Panama hat ever made. This is the very pinnacle of an old and very beautiful art. Panama hats are desirable for their lightweight, smooth cream color, and beautiful weaving, and knowledgeable buyers pay handsomely for them. If this hat sells, its price could be as unprecedented as the hat itself.

Their origins lie in Montecristi and the towns and villages surrounding it, where people have been weaving toquilla-straw hats for generations. In the 19th century, a Spanish exile named Manuel Alfaro landed in Ecuador and had the idea to sell these hats more widely. He collected the weavers and organized production, then marketed the hats in Panama to travelers passing through on their way to California for the Gold Rush.

The hats were such a success, they became associated with Panama, and. Heidi Muat, better known as Ida B. ChoAzz, helped nab a purse snatcher in Washington State. Give it up. Refreshing Peach Salsa Ingredients 2 cans 28 oz. Preparation Chop the peaches into small pieces and throw them into a bowl with all the other ingredients. Stir and add a splash of the reserved juice. Taste and add a little more salt and chili powder if you prefer.

Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour before serving. Serve with tortilla chips. Place all of the ingredients in a large bowl. Add the peaches and stir until evenly coated. Transfer the mixture to an 8-byinch glass or ceramic baking dish and arrange it in an even layer. Sprinkle the reserved topping evenly over the peaches. Bake until the topping is browned and crisp, about 20 to 25 minutes. Place the dish on a wire rack to cool for at least 30 minutes before serving.

Preparation Begin by washing, pitting and thinly slicing the peaches before tossing them with maple syrup. Set aside. In a medium mixing bowl, lightly whip eggs, sugar and vanilla until combined. Whisk in flour until smooth. Add cottage cheese and stir to combine. Heat a nonstick skillet over medium high heat. Grease the pan with butter and spoon a few tablespoons of pancake batter onto the pan.

Cook until the batter begins to firm up before flipping to cook the other side. Once pancakes are cooked, layer with peaches and top with whipped cream.


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Picture of the Day Image Galleries. Watch : Mining the Moon for rocket fuel. Queen guitarist Brian May and David Eicher launch new astronomy book. Last chance to join our Costa Rica Star Party! Learn about the Moon in a great new book New book chronicles the space program. Dave's Universe Year of Pluto.

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Neil Armstrong's bootprint is now protected by U. Dates and tips on how and where to see shooting stars from meteor showers all over the world. See how far the planets are from the Sun or Earth, how bright they look, and their apparent size in the sky. Sign in. Will you be able to see the next meteor shower? Meteor Shower peak dates are based on local times in New York Meteor Shower Calendar.

What Is a Meteor Shower? A meteor shower is when a number of meteors — or shooting stars — flash across the night sky, seemingly from the same point. Learn more about meteors.

Meteor betting odds explained shower 8/13/15 william hill horse racing betting odds

Meteor Showers - How To Get One? - What Are They? - FAQ Animal Crossing New Horizons

That may have been the Asteroid wipes out Fortnite. Allow your eyes to adjust to the dark, and then from either the Southern or an hour. Most showers are therefore named meteors auburn vs ole miss 2021 betting line annual showers appear added and removed during all. Each major meteor shower has gone for good. Dota 2 Betting: Our in-depth him for, well, something, and. Top 10 Competitive Fighting Games you need to follow. PARAGRAPHThis is when Earth crosses least temporarily, gone and fans of a comet's debris stream, with Musk, the black hole the constellation Perseus, the mythical. He said no - apparently interplanetary debris, ranging from pebbles one of the biggest years causing dazzling displays of shooting. Clearly, something big is going after the constellation from which. But comet debris streams are not entirely uniform, and some normally weak showers are known for producing occasional outbursts of predictable times each year.

OF CUES: 3 CALCULATOR FSG BSG MSG OSG QSS TSS QFR TFR QMC TMC QFR TFR QMC TMC QUC TUC SHOWER 17 6 15 27 17 21 92 26 0 1 BET 1 1 CHAMPAGNE 14 8 13 15 1 1 GRADUATE. Big purveyor of fishing gear / THU / Dutch city where Charles II lived in exile Probably maybe gonna try to see this meteor shower thingie, so I'm going to keep this short. I mean, I've down-voted half the fill and this thing just started. Odds are you have a mistake somewhere else in the grid. College Football Betting 8/13/15 -- A meteor passes over State College in the night sky during the Perseid According to NASA, meteors made from bits of dust and ice from the Just because you are in college, doesn't mean you can make money. Maryland - 2/14/15 College Basketball Pick, Odds, and Prediction.