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Royal pirates betting everything audio boca

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NL West. Home Fantasy Scores Schedule Standings. West Ham United Wolves. Home Podcasts Scores Schedule Standings. Utah Virginia Tech Washington Wisconsin. Purdue Syracuse Villanova Virginia Wisconsin. Redblacks Stampeders. Featured Teams. Bayern Munich Dortmund. Celtic Rangers. Toggle navigation Log In. By Andy Staples When the bosses at The Athletic decided to celebrate food and drink this summer, I volunteered.

This finally would make me write down the list and catalogue everything that made each place special. Worse, the shutdown associated with the virus has decimated the restaurant industry. Dedicated chefs and servers have lost their jobs. Owners have seen their savings shrink toward zero. Restaurants have shuttered — some temporarily, some permanently. Across the country, the people who feed us are fighting for economic survival.

This list is restaurants long. It would have been closer to a few months Already a subscriber? Log In. Subscribe now to get full access to the new sports page. The goal is to get off the couch, build some strength and incite some friendly competition for who can plank longest. Single-leg pickup. Next time you drop something, try.

Gain valuable insights from an esteemed group of medical experts whose skilled hands and years of specialized training have made them invaluable resources in their fields, our community and our lives. Learn about the latest procedures, practices and state-of-the-art technology to enhance and protect your most valuable asset: your health.

What is your practice philosophy? As a board-certified Internal Medicine physician, I care for patients with an integrative approach to bring about positive behavioral lifestyle changes to achieve sustainable wellness. This is best achieved in an unhurried environment, where I can be their best advisor and advocate towards longevity and quality of life. My greatest satisfaction is derived from working closely and comprehensively with my patients, where we can share challenges and create solutions.

In this model, I treat considerably fewer patients than typical primary care doctors, allowing enough time to provide each and every patient with dedicated personalized care. Medicare and other insurances are accepted at my practice. David Bogue is a Board Certified plastic surgeon having practiced in Boca Raton for the past 11 years.

Bogue received his Doctorate of Medicine from University of Michigan Medical School and completed a six-year residency at Georgetown University, training in all areas of plastic and reconstructive surgery. With more than 6, patients treated, Dr. Bogue has earned the reputation as a renowned breast augmentation and reconstruction specialist and respected authority in the Boca Raton medical community. I have three rules: 1. You must have a problem I can see. It must be a problem that can be fixed surgically.

Realistic expectations are required. When all three combine, that equals a great result and a happy patient. Why is Board Certification so important to patients? Board Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery assures patients that their plastic surgeon has received the highest level of training and has passed comprehensive examinations. Board Certification is a requirement for surgeons to have admitting privileges at a hospital.

Maintaining this certification helps ensure your plastic surgeon continues their education throughout their career. Surgical results are predictable to a point, but there are many factors that can affect the final result. This is why establishing expectations and patient communication are paramount both before and after the procedure. Vrionis received his medical degree from the University of Athens School of Medicine where he graduated second in his class.

What types of neurosurgical issues do you most commonly treat? Our highly accomplished faculty of nine neurologists and five neurosurgeons treat patients presenting with issues across the entire spectrum of brain and spinal disorders. I specialize in brain and spinal tumors, with an emphasis on complex and minimally invasive spine surgery as well as treating patients deemed to be quite challenging from an operative perspective. What special services does Marcus Neuroscience Institute offer patients?

Another hallmark of the Institute is our ability to utilize the gold standard in neurologic and neurosurgical technology in the treatment of our patients. That translates to greater precision during surgery, reduced surgical time and enhanced patient safety. What type of research have you conducted?

I have authored or co-authored three books on brain and spinal tumors and abstracts and publications in such prestigious peer-reviewed publications as the Journal of Neurosurgery, European Spine Journal and Lancet Oncology. Schmidt College of Medicine and other leading programs such as Duke University. He received his medical degree from the Universidad Central del Ecuador and completed residencies in internal medicine and neurology at the University of Kentucky.

His research has appeared in more than 50 prestigious, peer-reviewed publications and he is co-author of one textbook and author of six book chapters related to his clinical specialties. In essence, we can treat any neurological condition with the highest level of skill, expertise and experience. What are your areas of expertise?

My areas of expertise include epilepsy, neuro-imaging, memory disorders and global health. I also find great satisfaction in diagnosing and treating complex neurological conditions. What are other distinguishing characteristics of neurological care at the Institute? Only 31 hospitals in the United States have achieved this level of designation. It conveys that we meet rigorous standards in our proficiency to remove a blood clot from the brain during an ischemic stroke using minimally invasive procedures.

Robert Norton offers expertise in all aspects of spine care. Norton has had a strong interest in academic medicine and has been actively involved in teaching and research. He has authored multiple publications on a variety of topics related to spine surgery in numerous peer-reviewed journals and textbooks. He has received several research grants and has presented his research at both national and international conferences.

How do you treat a painful compression fracture? Compression fractures of the spine occur most often in people with osteoporosis, after a fall, after a forceful cough or sneeze, or simply from bending over to tie shoes. Fortunately, I can treat patients with an easy solution called a Kyphoplasty, performed in my office in about minutes. After numbing the area, I simply place a small needle into the broken bone under x-ray guidance.

The pain is gone immediately and you can walk out of the office with just a Band-Aid! What defines you as a physician? My prestigious academic training combined with a passion for teaching and research allows me take an individual and evidence-based approach to every patient, and to provide high quality care that is research and evidence-based, with proven and expected results.

I have authored multiple publications on a variety of spine surgery topics in numerous peer-reviewed journals and textbooks and have presented my research at national and international conferences. Rafael C. Cabrera is board certified in general surgery and plastic surgery. He has been practicing plastic and reconstructive surgery in Boca Raton for over two decades and is on staff exclusively at Boca Raton Regional Hospital.

Why defines a good facelift? Tightening the muscle layer and ligaments are often necessary to get a more youthful contour. Adding volume with natural tissue, like your own fat and stem cells, will augment and rejuvenate your face by replacing facial deflation associated with aging.

How do you achieve natural looking results? No chipmunk-cheeks or duck-lips allowed! Using the correct technique ensures natural looking results. A multitude of tools are used to regain a more youthful appearance.

Over-lasering the face or over-filling the cheeks and lips to hide every last wrinkle is not flattering. Ultimately, patients rely on my expertise, esthetic judgement, trust and integrity. What procedures are popular for men? Since men now work longer, retire harder, and can maintain muscle mass by exercising, it is important to have their face match their body.

Droopy eyes and a sagging neck is a stark contrast from their otherwise sharp, on-the-ball appearance and physique. An eye and neck lift can greatly improve their appearance. Her practice, H. Dental is based on the simple philosophy of treating patients like family, in an inviting and welcoming environment where personalized expert care is paramount. Educational seminars are frequently conducted in the office where the community is invited to participate and gain insights on the latest developments and treatments in dental health.

What is the scope of your practice? We provide all aspects of dentistry including implants, oral surgery, root canals as well as full mouth reconstruction. What differentiates H. Dental from other dental practices? Our patients are all treated like they are the only patient in the world.

The level of care and compassion provided by all members of the staff is unsurpassed. Patients consistently tell us we have the best hygienist they have ever used and that a visit to the dentist at H. Dental is an outing they actually look forward to as an enjoyable experience.

What is so special about the Pinhole Technique you perform? The results we have achieved are nothing short of miraculous. Where this kind of gum recession is traditionally treated with a soft tissue graft, which can take a while to heal and be painful, the PST Pinhole Surgical Technique is done without sutures, no scalpel and no grafting. Patients see visible results the same day and the healing is very non-eventful.

He received many accolades, including the Best Intern award and the Outstanding Chief Resident, an award given to the doctor regarded as the best physician by his fellow doctors. During his tenure, Dr. Ennis published a paper in The American Surgeon on a new procedure to repair injuries suffered by victims of major trauma. Surgeons around the world now use this procedure.

How has your artistic background impacted your surgical techniques? I knew in high school when I won the Congressional Art Show for my drawings, which were displayed in the capital building in Washington, DC, I had a keen eye and knack for 3 D facial and body features.

As a double board certified plastic surgeon, I find it easy to put all of the pieces together to create a masterpiece for my patients, capturing their unique characteristics and ethnicity, providing natural looking results without the unsightly pulled look of overdone plastic surgery. What is the VIP surgical experience you provide?? My discerning patients travel worldwide to indulge in a concierge VIP experience before, during and after their procedures.

This includes Rolls Royce transportation to the Boca Raton Resort, private exclusive entry and opulent amenities. Myself and my wife, Donna, a double board certified nurse practitioner personally make hotel house calls to monitor their healing process. What is the benefit of the Buccal fat removal procedure you perform?

Attention to the finest details can make the difference between an average result and an amazing result. The buccal fat pad is an often overlooked aspect of facial surgery. This fat pad migrates to the bottom of the face and can make the face appear heavy at the bottom and thus older. This can be easily removed through a small incision on the inside of the mouth, reducing the volume and narrowing the lower part of the face giving it a much more youthful appearance.

He then completed a fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in Beverly Hills, California. Since establishing the Institute in , Dr. Nachlas and his associates have remained at the forefront of innovation in the care of the outside and inside of the nose. The first in- office computer guided balloon sinuplasty in the country was performed at the Institute in and it remains one of the busiest centers to perform this procedure in the country.

Nachlas and Dr. Hancock specialize in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the nose, sinuses and face, and their personalized approach to every patient has enabled the Institute to continue to occupy a unique leadership role for this type of surgery in the country. What exactly is Computer Assisted Balloon Sinuplasty? Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive in- office procedure to open blocked sinuses for sinus sufferers who have failed to achieve desired relief despite medical and allergy management.

The blockage areas are identified by nasal endoscopy and by a CAT scan of the sinuses. Then, a small balloon is placed in the blocked sinus, which is then inflated, deflated, and removed. Computer guidance of the balloon ensures precise placement and effectiveness of the balloon. Can other procedures be performed at the same time as Computer Assisted Balloon Sinuplasty? We now use the balloon to repair deviated nasal septums and to reposition turbinates to allow better nasal air flow.

This procedure was developed at the Institute 30 years ago. David Padden is extensively experienced in robotic-assisted hip and knee replacements. Padden studied under Dr. David S. Padden also serves as a consultant for Stryker Corporation, who produces robotic joint replacement technology and is highly regarded for teaching the use of this technology to surgeons.

He is board-certified in orthopaedic surgery. Since October , I have performed hundreds of total hip replacement surgeries utilizing robotic-assisted technology. This procedure has allowed the precision and accuracy of joint replacement to be taken to a whole new level. Fortunately, I am now also able to offer the same technology for total knee replacement. How is the recovery period reduced with minimally invasive procedures? We strive to restore quality of life and bring each patient back to the activities they love.

With minimally invasive and robotic procedures, we are able to improve the accuracy of the surgery both shortening recovery time and increasing the longevity of the implants. By using the robotic technology, we can increase accuracy and precision in placing these components and can improve the longevity of the replacement reducing the chance patients will need a revisional surgery as well as reducing dislocation rates and limb length discrepancies.

Keusch knew early on that she wanted to become a surgeon. From her childhood in Havana, Cuba to some of the most prestigious schools in the nation, Dr. Cristina Keusch has lived her dream and become a renowned, board certified plastic surgeon. Her plastic surgery residency and fellowship was completed at Harvard in Boston.

In , Dr. This fall marks her 30th year! What defines your practice? Non-surgical services including Botox, fillers, lasers and skin care are available through our full time nurse practitioner and full time aesthetician. We are able to provide comprehensive services to our patients to achieve excellent results. What is the Vivace and what results can patients expect? Vivace is our newest, most exciting non-surgical technology for face and neck tightening and texture improvement.

The microneedling and radio frequency procedure is pain free and requires no downtime. It is applicable to the whole body! It has become our most popular procedure, especially for arms and knees that can become visibly crepe-like after menopause and due to sun damage. The bulging fat under the bra line can be treated with SmartLipo.

If skin laxity is severe, I can trim and excise that roll of skin. The scar lies just inside the bra. Of course, diet and exercise are always very important to optimize results. A Beacon in the Community An insurer ensures that Boca keeps getting better There's nothing I like more than helping youth and giving them a place to recreate.

He wanted to join the Marines but failed the physical, so instead of heading to Vietnam he landed a job underwriting for the Aetna insurance company. From there he went on to become a traveling team coach and later the president of SABR. And at age 73, Rollins has no intention of slowing down. I like my business, community activities and everything else I do.

And many of the customers are like extended family. Along with sponsoring sports teams, they donate food and services for charity events, including the occasional pizza-for-a-year gift. Giving has also inspired culinary innovation. People started coming here and requesting it, so we put it. But the bottom line has more to do about family than profits. Savor our famous red sangria, relax poolside to the soothing sound of the cascading waterfall, or groove to the jams of well-loved local musicians.

Stay longer,Save more It's our super summer deal at Crane's! We're offering amazing discounts for multi-night visits. Booking starts now for stays from May 27 through October 3, All are based on availability, not valid with any other discounts or offer, and are not changeable. Tax and gratuities are not included. New reservations only.

And the showroom recently underwent a massive renovation, complete with technology that allows the team of designers to create virtual interiors on computers and large flat-screen TVs, so clients can better visualize how their homes will look. The police-escorted ride attracted about participants.

Then, in April , avid cyclist Steve was riding his bike along Lyons Road when he was struck by a car and killed at age Gillis, 64, has been fascinated by history and historical artifacts since her childhood growing up in Miami, a passion that led to stints in historical presentation in Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale and the Bonnet House, among others.

She has received several awards and is the author of seven historical books, with more likely on the way. See sidebar. Along the beach you could find every kind of shell and conchs and edible food as well as pretty things.

He was the first person to reflect on the history of the community because he lived through. Boca was a farming village, but we know it looked so different than it does now—it's hard to wrap my head around that. We know there was a jungle between the Intracoastal and the beach—a true jungle There were Everglades birds and every kind of shell We know there was a jungle between the Intracoastal Waterway and the beach—a true jungle.

We know there were a lot of piney woods and scrubland that the farmers would only plant in clear places—they did not try to remove the trees… There were Everglades birds, and south of Lake Boca Raton there was a natural. And put that on paper. He builds a beautiful picture of what it was like in its natural state. Land was relatively inexpensive and plentiful here, and for some reason they were attracted to Boca specifically.

And maybe for [some of the same reasons] as today, because of its proximity to other communities. It was—and is—in the middle of things, and back then it was much more reasonable. There is a pre-Columbian mound called the Barnhill Mound that used to be a tourist attraction called Ancient America up there where Boca Marina is. And there are other sites in town, particularly at the beach. Those people were gone from South Florida by the middle of the 18th century.

The last survivors of those native peoples of South Florida— there were a few hundred left out of who knows how many thousands had once been here—literally got on the boat with the Spanish in Miami and went to Havana when the British took over Florida in Ironically, if there are descendants of those people they came back with the Cubans! The Seminole people were down here in the 18th century as well.

We know in the 20th century there. The Seminoles would come in their dugouts to buy goods at Mr. Somebody was very confused, but the name stuck with us. There was no there there in Boca back then—they were in Miami. We think it was a 19th century mapmaking error. Arvida ran one of the most successful real estate companies ever, probably on the planet, and helped bring about a lot of the beautiful communities that still have great cachet today.

Our historic visionaries: --Mr. Thomas Rickards is considered our first permanent resident. He platted the city for Mr. Flagler and had the first known house here; he was a grower from North Florida. He grew garden vegetables, had citrus groves and pineapples. Cheseborough is one of our most important early residents.

He came in from Michigan, and he kept a daily diary from the day he arrived to the day he died in And so we have this incredible record. Today, he has a Twitter account, and we tweet his memoirs. Mizner was the one who comes along and really puts the. He literally put little Boca Raton on the map.

Boca was one of the most famous land boom developments, partly because they had really good press—Mr. Mizner was really good at that—and his clients were high-end, so he had a lot to show off in terms of Palm Beach and so on. Even though a lot of his projects were never built, it was the concepts that he had—the layout of the community—which we have really stuck to ever since.

Mitchell was one of our longtime mayors. Mitchell was sent by the town council to Washington to lure one of the. That was an incredible boon to the local economy. A lot of the servicemen who were stationed there returned later on to South Florida, even to Boca, with their new families in tow because they appreciated our Florida winters, if not our summers… and then we had people.

Davis with his great Arvida and changing the hotel into a true conventional hotel from a seasonal resort, which was not practical at that time. There were so many others. Tom Fleming, who is almost singlehandedly responsible for getting Florida Atlantic University here—the town did a very good job of convincing the Department of Education to place what was then their newest university here in Boca instead of Fort Lauderdale. Coming and going: The first road we had was called the County Road, which was more or less Dixie Highway and the railroad.

Exhibit designers Creative Arts Unlimited, Inc. The Council Chamber will feature display areas and cabinetry for changing exhibits and will also function as a lecture hall. And it was pretty crummy in spots. But that was our first Interstate—and it goes to Sioux St. Marie, Michigan from Miami. It still exists, technically speaking, but what it was was a series of interconnected local roads that created a highway So when it was completed through this area in , that was big doing.

That was hot stuff. That allowed for automobile traffic. And who knew then that automobile traffic would be so important in settling South Florida. By the time people came to settle here, the Florida East Coast railway was here. I love Fort Lauderdale. People have no idea that it was like that, and I am blessed to be able to introduce them to it.

It came off a merchant ship that was attacked by a U-boat off our shores—down to the bottom, came to the top, floated ashore and one of our friends, Dr. Barrett, who was a little boy then, collected it and saved it and kept it all these years. Principal Designer, Barbara Fina will do a two-hour design consultation for your entire home or garden—interior or landscape project. Clive Rosenbusch has been practicing dentistry in Boca Raton for over 30 years.

His office is conveniently located across from Town Center Mall. He provides personalized dental care to each patient in a non-corporate, private environment. Rosenbusch practices general dentistry with a focus on cosmetic, laser, implant, sleep dentistry, and Invisalign orthodontics. For more information please contact our office at Park Harbor features a variety of styles, from dramatic matte black fixtures to those more natural in appearance.

Pefect for traveling, these diamond-quality cubic zirconia stacking eternity bands are set in solid karat gold. Florida evolved from a godforsaken swamp fit for mosquitoes and alligators to the high-end, luxury vacation destination and year-round paradise we know today because of two words: air conditioning.

In , Apalachicola physician John Gorrie received a patent for a machine to make ice, as a way of cooling sick patients with tropical diseases. The father of modern air conditioning, Willis Haviland Carrier, created an electrical air conditioning system in , to control the temperature and humidity for a paper manufacturing plant.

And the rest is history. But what do we get? Florida would remain off-limits during the summer months, for most people. Because of our climate-controlled environment, Florida now boasts a large permanent year-round population. Happy Hours R Us, and we think we can justify this state as their launch pad. Our happy hours may have had a noble beginning by our very own airmen, whose hallowed traditions we hope to honor as best we can, happily ever after.

It was during the Great Depression when auto mechanic and stock car driver Bill France moved his family south from Washington, D. He took a number of odd jobs, eventually setting up a car repair business, the Main Street Station. Stock car racing was big, but Daytona was losing its races to places. The ritual grew, evolved into a de facto flea market and then became problematic as was invariably the case when love children were in charge.

We do not know what year the performing cats came on board. February 21, On April 4, , he proposed a new superspeedway called Daytona International Speedway. We all knew that the late Jupiter resident Nat Reed, who died a year ago, was one of the fiercest protectors of the Everglades—and an environmental hero.

But he was also co-author of the Endangered Species Act of during his tenure as the. In later years, he also founded the Friends of Florida group. Only in Florida do we celebrate Christmas on the water, with a string of boats of all sizes festooned with Christmas lights, blaring music, creating a dazzling procession along canals and waterways to usher in the season.

According to history. Nick Navarro. Robert Cade, a kidney disease specialist at the university, after he noticed the ill effects of heat on his players, from weight loss to dehydration to heat stroke. Cade subsequently developed a drink designed to restore carbohydrates, salt and electrolytes to ailing Gators. In under coach Ray Graves , the Gators started drinking Gatorade during summer practices. Not only did the weight loss problem improve, but they also saw a significant drop in the number of players hospitalized for heat exhaustion.

Cade also credited Gatorade before it tasted good. Although it is marketed today largely as G2 or G in several different flavors and actually tastes good , Gator fans know what G really stands for: the Florida Gators—and the scientist who helped build a mighty SEC contender.

This led to Muir eventually convincing President Teddy Roosevelt to establish our national parks, and becoming the father of the environmental movement we know today. Their production was revolutionary in that it pulled products from other companies— such as Microsoft, Intel, Epson and Zenith—rather than building it all themselves.

They also thought outside of the box when it came to sales, turning to stores like Sears and Roebuck rather than selling it internally. People clamored for the product, and IBM sold twice the estimate of , machines in the first 18 months and the staff grew to more than 10, employees. Today, IBM is an internationally recognized.

This is the ultimate Florida coastal road—large parts of it designated a Scenic Highway—running along the Atlantic Ocean from Key West all the way up to Fernandina Beach, just south of the Georgia border. So it is true: This really is where the boys were. These days, Fort Lauderdale is just one of a gazillion places spring breakers gather—from Florida to other sunny spots across the country.

The first one was invented in by one Franz Greiter, a Swiss mountain climber who got sunburned on the way up and concocted the first sunscreen. The dresses were a surprise hit with customers and friends, so Lilly opened her own company as president in to produce them. The brand was reborn, and today there are 75 signature Lilly Pulitzer stores. Recent months have brought much change. GGP had been the management company. Mizner Park retains a large retail component.

Despite questions about the future of malls, Brookfield saw an opportunity. Before that, it had been home to Ruby Tuesday. And Ouzo Bay announced this summer it was leaving. Other changes, however, offer new attractions. Stairwells are grimy. On a recent midweek morning, some of the grass on the public plaza was faded, and a homeless woman sat on a bench.

Yet Boca Raton approved, and invested in, Mizner Park to spur downtown redevelopment and create a civic hub. In most ways, the city has accomplished those goals. Outside of Mizner Park, the plus acres within the community redevelopment agency CRA are approaching build-out under terms of the plan that the CRA board approved in and voters ratified a year. The crowd overflowed the amphitheater. Will Mizner Park be more a place with high-end jewelry stores, or more a place with an Atlantic Avenue vibe—or something of both?

The CRA owns all the land except for the amphitheater. City council members act as the CRA board. The city itself owns the amphitheater and. Boca Raton approved, and invested in, Mizner Park to spur downtown redevelopment and create a civic hub. In most ways the city has accomplished those goals. Only one blighted area remains: the former Winn-Dixie shopping center on Camino Real.

It starts each year on Jan. It continues with the Festival of the Arts in March and the summer concert series at the amphitheater. In March ,. The CRA has six leases for use of its land. Some are for the retail, office and residential portions of Mizner Park. Others are with nonprofit groups. The Boca Raton Museum of Art leases the northeast corner for its facility. Its mission was to eradicate the blighted downtown.

Crocker put up the buildings. Money for the land came from bonds that voters approved in a referendum. Park management and tenants. Under its lease, Brookfield can exercise an option to buy the CRA-owned land covered by commercial leases. That option does not include land leased to the museum, the cultural arts organization and the vacant parcel east of the amphitheater.

The two sides, however, first must go to arbitration and agree on the fair market value. In May, the CRA filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. The CRA argued that Brookfield was trying to skip a step as it investigated whether to buy the land. The issue remained unresolved at press time for this article. He noted, correctly, that the city—meaning the CRA—would have to approve any new project that Brookfield might propose. And the two rows of facing shops might be closer together for a better dynamic.

The city has added small features, such as a put-. One option could involve that CRA property on the northeast corner, possibly a candidiate for the performing arts center proposed by the Boca Raton Cultural Consortium. The group asked if the city council would donate 10 acres of city-owned land next to the Spanish River Library. The council made no commitment. The north side of Mizner Park—with the museum and amphitheater—then would be the cultural cluster initially envisioned in the s.

When Related Group inquired about buying the amphitheater and that adjoining parcel to build housing, council members pledged that the facility would stay. I would like to see all the spaces filled with vibrant activity. Janet felt a home in Stockbridge, Mass. Jack felt the same way—until he saw a Boca Raton condominium with breathtaking views of both the Intracoastal and the ocean.

Architect Ron Kopels knew immediately that the design should be restrained and clean to allow the commanding ocean views to be the focal point. Recessed lighting softly illuminates the eye-catching art while drawing the eye upward, adding visual height to the engaging space. Kopels knew immediately that the design should be restrained and clean, to allow the commanding ocean views to be the focal point. To do that, he created a classic contemporary look with a neutral color palette and understated details.

He installed limestone floors throughout, complemented by white lacquer and zebra stone in the kitchen and powder rooms. He designed a simple grid for bookshelves in the den, widened the doorways and allowed the windows to take center. RIGHT: A chic palette of whiteon-white delivers an air of tranquility and spaciousness to the renewed master suite. Mirrored bedside tables pair beautifully with the timeless, button-tufted bed.

BELOW: In the predominantly white dining and kitchen spaces, homeowners Jack and Janet Teich chose elegant zebrawood to add shots of boldly patterned wood grain and rich brown tones. ABOVE: In a relaxed den, new clean-lined door and window frames replace original, outdated metal versions. They open to an inviting balcony patio and capture shimmering views of the Intracoastal. The apartment is almost 3, square feet with two bedrooms, a den, and three and a half baths.

The couple also has an impressive collection of native baskets from South Africa, which lend both texture and warmth to the space. But the most compelling art is that framed by the wide windows: a natural canvas of waves and sky, a coastal beachscape that defines both the light and the aesthetic of this handsome Boca Raton apartment. A haunting call to prayer rose in the distance. We were here. We were in Marrakech, Morocco. There were 14 of us, women from the Boca Raton area, some longtime friends, some new to one another, who embarked on this trip to experience Morocco at the invitation of our mutual friend, Denise Alman, and to visit.

And it was Maryam who opened all the doors, starting with those of her inn, Peacock Pavilions. Peacock Pavilions which helps support Project Soar is an artisanal hand-built luxury hotel in a private olive grove on eight acres just outside the city. The last of our group to arrive, we were swept past a bougainvillea-walled entrance and invited to join the others already in the dining tent. We walked past a pool adrift in floating rose petals, past exotic hanging lanterns, past the bungalows tucked amid olive trees.

The rest of our group who had arrived earlier in the day was already finishing dinner with our dark-haired host in her white caftan—who seemed to materialize from the long royal tables to greet us with a warm hug. I knew instantly this would be a week I would never forget.

She led us day to day throughout the city, from ancient markets to the dusty foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Each day began with inspirational cards and our private intentions for the other. We followed her to the nonprofit Project Soar she established to empower young Moroccan girls—and shift the culture in the process. We followed her through the raucous zigzag of the old medina, past baskets brimming with spices, hanging rugs and silver and tin and leather, and bins of vegetables and talismans of all kinds.

That day, we all decided we wanted to be French. Very French. A Project Soar Girl: Knows her value. Knows her voice. Knows her body. Knows her rights. Knows her path. What more could you ask for any girl, but especially for any girl who did not grow up taking this mantra for granted? Please check out this organization. Maryam Montague is working her way through small villages across Africa to empower groups of young girls to soar. Which I kept in mind as our guides emerged, in long Marjorelle blue tunics and sun hats.

They had identical blue-and-black scarves for each of us, which they wound into very glamorous turbans inspired by the Berber nomads. Fresh rose petals in the pool greeted our arrival, hot water bottles kept our Florida toes warm in winter, an outdoor bonfire kept us cozy during a Casablanca movie night under the stars, and a fiery send-off. All that and puppy kisses from their beautiful yellow lab, Scout; please give her a special pat from me.

Each of the 53 individual riads uniquely showcase the finest native craftsmanship at every turn—some with rooftop pools and patios—all with the essence of confidentiality and uber-luxurious beauty. After our tour we enjoyed high tea in the salon as. Ann was a great sport, but her pants will likely always need a good soak. Still, I have this picture of us: Fifteen women slowly rocking across the dunes, our line of camels snaking across the terra cotta sand, against the cloudless blue sky, a winter shiver in the air.

Our trip was coming to a close. But I think most of us continue to follow many of the things we learned in the transformational Red City in the vortex. We recently gathered for a post-voyage reunion. We shared photos made into glossy coffee table books and gifts of evil-eye protectors, and Denise presented us all with bracelets of symbolic peacock feathers.

Our potluck included recipes for ways. Throw away the map and plan to get lost. Yes, you should buy a caftan, those pointy embroidered shoes and the tube of green lipstick that is like a mood ring for your mouth. But be on the lookout for intricately carved, antique wooden tent stakes that the nomads used; bright and inexpensive leather goods and poufs; and crazy statement earrings that are now your signature accessory. Also make sure to cross Jemaa El-Fnaa—the famous square that is the heartbeat of the medina; that seduces you with snake charmers, fragrant citrus, and baskets full of those intoxicating spices.

Carry some spare change so the snake can quickly be removed from your unsuspecting neck, and do drink it all in; this is how it feels to be alive. Only a bus ride outside of the city on a beautifully serene organic farm in the countryside, this Moroccan cooking class was a trip highlight for me! Chef Tarik is the charming young namesake for this school, but one of his apprentices stole the show the day we attended as she guided us through traditional Moroccan spices, herbs and tagine cooking.

Her lilting English took us through the rituals of making tea; the specific spices for meats, fish and vegetables; and a competition between cooking teams. We loved enjoying our culinary creations for lunch. An impromptu dance party capped off a wonderful day. The grounds of this five-star sanctuary boast magnificent gardens, incredible dining options, wonderful shopping and an over-the-top spa and wellness center. While our group did not stay overnight, we did enjoy argan-infused spa treatments like massages and traditional Hamman, and an elegant poolside lunch.

The walk to the spa is extraordinary, with magical lanterns casting constellations across the ceilings, and the signature spa robes are even Berber-inspired with pointed hoods and tassels to ward off any evil genies.

Square is enviable—and the views of the Atlas Mountains add to the exotic allure. We recalled the breakfast every morning at Peacock Pavilions—and the small folded pieces of paper in our coffee cups before we filled them, our quotes to start the day and to share with one another.

If I can be so bold as to offer advice, I would say to start packing. Gather your girlfriends over a glass of wine and dream. Where would you go? Gordon is nationally recognized as an expert in lip and facial augmentation. Gordon Dr. Life is a lot of ups and downs. Gert has other ideas, but the ladies will have to overcome fractious revelations to make it work.

Bonnie, are you closer to Gert or Nadine in this play? But I know both of them very, very well. I find. Did the play have to be set in Boca— and what does it say about Boca? Peshkin: A play has to. We know Boca. We know the Vintage Club, which is suspiciously like the Polo Club.

We hope one day it plays in Arizona, and what do they care about Mizner Park? Logan: Unresolved differences. And she dealt with them the best way she could. We all make mistakes. What was it like collaborating on this project? Peshkin: We went through various phases. For well over a year, it was the three of us at the table, spending many hours going over each and every syllable. We had a very good team in that regard. But the points she always made showed her insight into the characters.

She would help me gain that insight better through the change of lyrics. I just feel so empowered by knowing these people, and all the hours we spent talking about it. It must be why people write. Asserting the artistry of comic books and graphic novels, this exhibition showcases artists who subvert the form and traverse both the traditional art and comic book worlds. Video, photography, sculpture, drawings and tapestries will be featured, along with a reading room and a gallery of rare comics.

Swinton Ave. Second Ave. With his impressive salt-and-pepper beard, this guitarist looks more mountain man than bluesman. Mizner Blvd. Ninth St. This intimate concert will raise funds for Habitat for Humanity. Based in South Florida but shown internationally, metalpoint artist Prusa utilizes unexpected materials from resin and fiberglass to metal leaf and LED lights to create light-speckled domes, glowing orbs and drawings that explore aspects of cosmology and deep space.

Recently diagnosed with the degenerative muscle disease I. Stroll tranquil Japanese gardens, enjoy traditional Japanese food, play oversized lawn games, shop vendors and listen to the Japanese drum music of Fushu Daiko in this summer tradition. Military Trail, Boca Raton; 11 a. In this interactive, family-targeted variation of the Mary Shelly legend, children must use their Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills to assist Dr.

Frank N. Stein and his assistant in realizing their most impressive inventions. Cobham, a legendary jazz fusion drummer famous for his work with Miles Davis and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, celebrates his 75th birthday with an eclectic set featuring jazz trumpeter Randy Brecker, guitarist Fareed Haque, bassist Tim Landers and keyboardist Scott Tibbs. Mod 27 at Arts Garage, 94 N.

Ambrosia at Funky Biscuit, S. Three out of the four original members keep the prog-rock flame alive alongside three new musicians. Fifth Ave. Direct from its two-and-a-half year run on Broadway, this touring production of the operatic musical drama features new staging and re-imagined sets inspired by the paintings of Victor Hugo. The story, about an imprisoned peasant seeking redemption and the police inspector hunting him down, remains as timeless as ever.

Congress Ave. The evening ends with guests writing messages to deceased loved ones and floating them in paper lanterns across a tranquil lake. Joyann Parker at Arts Garage, 94 N. A drummer, bassist, guitarist and keyboardist join her on tour. Love and Theft at Funky Biscuit, S. Maggie Baugh, a Boca Raton native now residing in Nashville, opens the show.

The plot twists, and the shoes clack, when a lost twin sister enters the picture. First St. The dishes could be life-changing. Or especially if you are. Since the January opening, customer numbers have steadily increased, so most days, the place is packed. Or get lucky and score a table with the Florida-cute flamingo rattan chairs, surrounded by vacation posters in the otherwise small,. None, of course, are made with meat, but they will fool your taste buds.

The brawt casing is made from alginite algae , and all the proteins here are made from peas. The Ranch, a baked chixn patty on scratch biscuit with Ranch dressing, red onion, tomato and an all-nut cheese is good, but each component had the same texture.

The herbed German potato salad side was well-seasoned, and hit the spot. Dinner Tues. Their Il Girasole restaurant is packed on a Tuesday night out of season. During season, snagging a reservation is as hard as the chocolate shell on its bomba. For about 20 years, son Gian has headed the kitchen as chef, and his Northern Italian dishes keep the loyal locals streaming in.

Daughter Kristy works in the front and helps serve the faithful. The mild but garlic-tangy dressing is a base for melding the large Parmesan shavings, huge toasted croutons and our requested anchovies. It was a mini-symphony of tastes that.

Also refreshing was the lowkey atmosphere. No rushing. Before-dinner glasses of wine were enjoyed, and then entrees were ordered. Speaking of drinks, this is a wine and beer place with time to appreciate them. What a concept. But I suggest trying something from their varied and very good wine list. It was meltingly tender and came with two sides; I asked for the penne Caprese, with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil,. Il Girasole is where you go to eat well, drink well and relax while doing both.

With friends, it resembles a party at your home, catered by the talented Esposito family. At lunchtime, there is a line out the door, but the business is steady all day, seven days a week. And the bread is to die for. They moved to Fort Lauderdale at first and worked their way north until they found this location, and decided Boca could use an Italian deli.

They opened it in August of Sal says the secret to their. It takes care of all of us. All Americans are endowed with certain inalienable rights, among them the right to a thick, juicy, perfectly cooked steak. At this posh, comfortable and expensive meatery, the USDA Prime steaks are indeed thick, juicy and perfectly cooked, also massively flavorful and served in enormous portions.

Dinner nightly. Bluefin Sushi and Thai— N. The ginger snapper will impress both Instagram and your stomach. Try the chicken satay and pad Thai. Bluefin offers a variety of dishes from multiple cultures, all well done. Boca Landing — E. Camino Real. Contemporary American. Heavy on small plates, the menu features tuna crudo, fried calamari and a killer cheese and charcuterie board.

Probably the best dish, though, is. Military Trail. New American. Popular half-portions are available, too. Butcher Block Grill— W. This casual steakhouse with a Mediterranean twist, an all-kosher menu, and a local, seasonal, sustainable ethos gives the stuffy old-fashioned meatery a swift kick in the sirloin.

Beef here is all-natural and grass-fed, delivering big, rich, earthy flavor. Seafood, whether raw tuna tartare or simply grilled wild-caught salmon , is palate-pleasing as well. The Capital Grille — Glades Road. This is one of more than three dozen restaurants in a national chain, but the Boca Grille treats you like a regular at your neighborhood restaurant.

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[2014.07.21] Royal Pirates - Betting Everything (FULL+DL)

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See a recent post on Tumblr from @everysongaday about Betting-Everything. ROYAL PIRATES (로열 파이럿츠) - Betting Everything [Acoustic/ English Ver.]. Golfer on the golf course - Sarasota, Florida. Searchable collections of manuscripts, war records, historic images, vital statistics, audio and video recordings from. The Philadelphia Eagles National Football League (NFL) franchise has struck a multiyear deal with mobile betting company Fox Bet, which will.